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Friction In Jeans

Fall Out Boy Slash
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♥Because everyone needs a little more FOB in their life...♥
We're basically here to spread the love that is Fall Out Boy slash!

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with Fall Out Boy. We do not know them, we can't get you backstage passes, we can't get you their autographs...so don't ask♥


1. When posting a story, an introduction must be put before the main event. The following is a suggested format, below is detailed what you have to include as a bare minimum

Title: (Also, please add the title and chapter number in the ‘subject box' when posting)
Author: (Please use this code: <*lj user=”yourusernamegoeshere”*>)NOTE: please remove * when you post!
Pairing: (Essential!)
Summary: (Do not put an essay here, just a brief description.)
Authors Note: (Any notes you want to provide for your story go here, not in the middle of it.)
Dedications: (If you have any dedications, such as a short thank you to the people who have reviewed your story, or any crediting of beta’s, put them here.)
Disclaimer: (So no one gets sued, the end.)
<*lj-cut text = "Chapter Number/Title, w/e"> (We'd prefer it to be straightforward, no 'witty' remarks etc.)

Please ensure you add all of the following, the rest are optional:

The reason we ask you do this is that it keeps the whole place looking cleaner and smarter and everything is much easier to find and add to memories.

2. Please use an lj-cut or a link to your personal/writing journal when posting. You're more than welcome to disable comments if you do the latter so that you can keep your comments in one place.

3. If your story is a chaptered it's beneficial to everyone if you put links to the previous chapters under the intro information. If you don't do this, your post will be rejected

4. Off-topic posts are a big no-no. If you post something that does not contain a Fall Out Boy slash story, or that doesn't relate to the subject at all, then it will be deleted. However, any pairings are allowed and crossovers positively encouraged.

5. Please don't post intro posts. This is a community for slash. You can get to know each other via comments and then by friending each other's personal journals. This is not the place to post your woes!

6. Same goes for posts about lack of updates. These are not liked. Don't do it.

7. People want to read good quality stories so, please take the time to spell/grammar check, proof read, or even ask someone else to beta your story if you're unsure. Don't steal better writers' plots, you just end up looking like a chump.

8. Promoting other communities is allowed, but it should be kept to a minimum

9. Drama will NOT be tolerated. If you come here to start it, you will be banned.

10. Failure to reasonably adhere to the above may result in your posting rights being disabled.

LAYOUT CREDIT TO:zomgz_stephface


We will be compiling a list of betas; if you'd like to be on the list, please contact talk_in_circles
either here or by e-mail (listed below).
talk_in_circles: shescrafty20@hotmail.com
purchased_heart: sleeperGrl5@msn.com
angelanthema: slaveofstjimmy@yahoo.com
fortuitously: flatline.memories@gmail.com