This is no Bridget Jones. (ox_delirium_xo) wrote in dead_on_fic,
This is no Bridget Jones.

Don't ever tell anybody anything: Part Five

Title: Don't ever tell anybody anything.
Pairing: Peterick (Pete/Patrick)
Rating: NC-17 \o/
Summary: If you do, you start missing everybody.
Word Count: 1100ish
Authors Note: No beta apart from MSWord, so point out any obvious problems and i'll fix them pronto. This is the first time i've written Peterick, so go easy on me. The Italics are Patrick's thoughts unless its obviously not, and this is mainly from his POV.
Disclaimer: This isn't real (as far as we know). Please don't sue me, i'm a student and can't afford it.

Part One
Part Two

Part Three
Part Four

(Part Five)
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