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Two's Company: It's Natural

Title: Two's Company: It's Natural
Rated: R for graphic sexual scenes, not in the form of intercourse, but intense foreplay. Also, this is a slash fic, which means: Men like to get dirty between themselves ;) You have been warned.
Summary: Pete and Patrick have a unique habit. The love watching porn and jerking off to it. So what is so unique about that?.. They love doing it together. They don't really mind hearing each other's moans as they do, 'cause they are best of friends, and best friends share everything, right?..
Pairing: Patrick/Pete, or Peterick, if you will.
Author: ashtray0belief
A/N: Patrick's been my latest (American) sweetheart, so instead of mindlessly spazzing on Youtube about him, I thought I'd use my adoration in a more creative way. However, since I've always somewhat loved the idea of Patrick being the naughty, cute kid who likes to touch himself a little bit too much, there will be a lot of jerking off going on xD Also, Patrick doesn't really fit in the idea of "gay" to me, so I thought I'd make him the wildcat. He doesn't have claws, but he can form a first.. xD But anyway, who is he trying to kid? We all known he'll give in eventually, right? Pete's his partner, because he's my second favourite in the band, and well, he's a horny little guy ;) And mind you, he has the rumor of being an impulsive person..

 Two's Company: It's Natural

  Their unique, little habit went back to the time when their band had first formed. It had occured coincidentaly; Pete had walked in on a very blushed Patrick Stump, guilty hands in pants and mouth ajar. Normally nothing would have changed that day -at least, for Pete-, but the horny bassist was overly enthused by the sight of two blondes, sucking on each other's lips on the TV screen, and he couldn't wait until later. Blondes had always been his weakness. And letting an opportunity like that one pass, was as likely as getting more than six hours of sleep at night, without any medication. In fact, he wouldn't even wait for the singer to leave. Patrick or not, he was going to get it off with those two blonde chicks.
  In time, it became a habit. Even from that first time, Patrick surprisingly seemed to be fine with the other man's presence while he was "comforting" himself. Later on, when Pete would show up uninvited and without asking, would pop open his pants and jerk off by his side, Patrick would not complain. And why should he? It was as natural to the redhead as playing guitar. The two men had nothing to hide form each other, they were best of friends. Neither had they tried to hide it from their other two friends. Sometimes, Joe and Andy would join them, but not frequently. The two friends were still somewhat embarassed about wacking it off while his friends were in the same room. No one could blame them. Pete and Patrick had never claimed that what they were doing was ordinary, so they didn't expect others to understand. As far as it went for them, however, it was natural, like having lunch with a favourite buddy.

  Pete's fingers' slowly stroked his member. He was still soft, and didn't particularly care about getting off at that moment. Instead, he turned to look at his best friend, a grin shaping his lips. Patrick was hard. His cock was slapping against his stomach as he was rubbing quickly on it. His cheeks were blushed, his eyes closed, eyebrows furrowing slightly over them, and his mouth opened ajar. Heavy breaths were escaping his deeply red lips, and some hesitant moans, from time to time. Pete's grin grew wider. Patrick's irish roots were easily seeable and honestly, something to notice. A deep, red blush coloured his face constantly, a blush that Pete would witness in three standard occasions: Cold, embarassment and pleasure. Lately, Pete had been thinking about that last one a lot...
  Sometimes his thoughts about Patrick could be more than mere "friendly", in the end. He wasn't exactly sure as to how his rescent urge had come up, but he knew that Ryan and all those coutless hours he had spent with the boy, "practising" might have had something to do with it. Whatever the case, the bassist had started to get dangerously close to the line, swinging in and out of the dusty realms of "gay" frequently. His sexuallity was not something that had bothered him throughout his life, but he couldn't help feeling weird about the situation. Not because Patrick was a man, but because it was... Patrick.. His band member, his best friend, not a random guy who had intrigued his imagination and he could just "check out" without any strings attached. If he were to do anything, he would surely be risking a rapture in their relationship, and he really did not want to lose Patrick as a friend. But, damn it! It was getting increasingly difficult to control his urges.. Especially at times like that one. He sighed quietly and bit on his bottom lip, violently. He knew Patrick would be too lost in his bliss to notice him. So he just watched him.
  Patrick was moaning, eyes flickering open from time to time only to get a glimpse of the women on the screen, an assurance that he'd go on. Not that he needed it. He had already progressed enough to just be addicted to the touch of his own fingers, rubbing against the hard errection, and threatening to unleash his orgasm. Pete found himself hardening as well, as he was observing every little detail of that blissful face. God, how he wished he could give him such pleasure! Pete's eyes trailed invisibly on Patrick's skin, taking in and loving the vulnerability of Patrick's situation; His shaking hands, his open mouth, his constant moaning... He was being tortured by the sight. Patrick, Patrick, Patrick... The wet sounds as Patrick was rubbing on his wet cock filled his ears, drawing the last straw for the heated bassist.
  Pete's stare landed on his best friend's dick, and his teeth almost cut in on his blushed lip as he bit down on it. A long, dragged, whiny moan left his lips, without him even realising, and panting difficulted his breathing. "Oh, god.." he whispered "Oh, god, please...." He stared at his friend, chest stinging and heart racing. Then, he just gave in. "The hell with it.."
  Things, from there on, progressed lighting-fast. Pete left his seat and approached Patrick, knees failing under the weight of his desire and he landed on the floor. Right in front of him. The blonde man's eyes opened, and he stared frozen. Pete had already gone too far to turn back. He hissed through teeth, eyes locking on Patrick's swolen, red dick as he leaned closer. A tongue pulled out of his teeth, and everything came down to that moment. Pete tasted his best friend's swolen "head" for only a second before he was pushed off violently.
 "What are you doing?!!" Patrick yelled, looking both confused and furious. His legs moved around furiously, trying to get Pete to leave from his private parts.
 "This is.. too.." Pete mumbled, the words coming out like soft yelps. His breath was too heavy to allow him to make conversation, so instead moans would leave his lips uncontrollably. "Please, Patrick... Ugh, god!.. I have to take you..!"
 "What?!!" the redhead yelled, eyes shooting flames "Pete, what the fuck!!"
  Pete's hands ran on flabby thighs, his head once again lowered and his lips cupped his friend's cock.
  Patrick moaned, teeth biting on his bottom lip fiercely. The redhead struggled hard against his hips' urge to buck forward, but failed. His pelvis shot up, cock sliding deeper inside Pete's throat and he moaned loudly. No. That was wrong. He was wrong. Damn it, how could he stop this! "Pete!.. fuck, Pete,.. let me.. go!.."
  Collecting all the willpower in his possession, he pushed his friend back and escaped the trap. His legs swung across the chair, kicking Pete out of his way and he searched for the shelter of distance. But luck wasn't on his side. Pete grabbed his arm tightly, holding him back. Patrick was pinned to the wall, cock harder that a rock, just begging to be comforted. His face, however, spoke of death.
  Being all too late for Pete to take back his actions, the bassist decided to take advantage of Patrick's compromising position. His hands quickly caressed the singer's chest before he lowered. Pete knelt on the floor once again and bit on his lip.
 "Pete, I swear, if you..." the singer's breath hitched as Pete covered the head of his cock. He bit on his lips, letting out a whiny moan. "Ah, Pete!.. you.. Fuck!.."
  Pete's head moved continuously across his cock, causing Patrick's breath to speed uncontrollably. The redhead whimpered as he felt his orgasm closing in faster than he could control and he gave in. He couldn't restrain it anymore, it was too late. He moaned as he climaxed, Pete's lips guiding him all the way, and he cursed, as the cum reached his tip.
 "Fuck.. Pete!.. fuck you!..." he whispered.
  Pete felt the cock twitch in his mouth and he stopped. Feeling a sudden agony overcoming him, Patrick paused and held his breath. Teeth covered his lips for those split seconds, and then he moaned. Bliss. Pete's throat filled with cum as Patrick came hard, sperm forcing down his friend's throat pleantaful. Pete swallowed him, savouring the stingy taste of favourite singer. He swallowed him whole. And like that, it was over.
  The bassist licked away the rest of the Patrick, before finally standing on his two feet again. Heat could be read clearly in his diolated eyes, but he wasn't smiling. Patrick's look forbade him to even speak. Somehow, Pete knew he was looking straight in the eyes of his own end, but he couldn't find the courage to break the silence. Patrick's eyes narrowed to such tiny slits that Pete couldn't make out their blue colour anymore. The singer's lips were still blushed, tempting Pete to kiss them. Should he? No. He cared for his life too much to even dare breathe loudly at that moment.
 "You, fuck.." Patrick whispered a hiss. His eyes glowed dangerously a moment before a hard punch landed of the bassist's face. Pete staggered back. Pain shot across his nose and he fell backwards on the floor, groaning in pain. "Don't you ever dare.. ever again!..." Patrick's jaw tightened as he struggled against his urge to kick Pete, who was now on the floor with a bleeding nose. His breath hissed between shut teeth, and with much effort he moved away from Pete.
  His heart was beating fast, feeling every bit as embarassed as he was furious. Not only had Pete destroyed the foundation of a years' worth friendship, but he had forced him to be a part of the rapture. He couldn't deny what had just happened; He had come inside his best friend's mouth -and hard at that. Now he'd have to deal with Pete's idiotic attempts for forgiveness, and worse; He'd have to deal with constant awkwardness. Damn, that Wentz! Couldn't he do anything without attracting consequences?..
  Patrick quickly moved away from his friend, and pulled his pants up, shivering at the feel of fabric against his still aroused member. He struggled with the belt for a few moments, before he got frustrated and let it open. The blush on his face remained as he was searching for his bag, and when he realised that he didn't remember where he had left it, he dropped that too. The hell with it! All he cared about at that moment was to be as far away from Wentz as he could; If he stayed one more second him, he was going to end up strangling him. He picked up his jacket and stormed to the door, opened it, and finally disappeared from Pete's sight.
 "Damn..." Pete whispered as soon as the door closed. Blood was dripping from his nose, and seeping past his lips, forcing him to taste it. The fruit of his labours..
  A silly piece of music filled his ears, and he turned to the source of it. The porn movie had just finished and the titles were playing, pictures of naked women appearing now and then. Pete grinned. Just like that first time; Blondes; One of his many weaknesses.
 "Damn.."he said again "that was a good hit.."
  He laughed; If he had to get a bloody nose everytime he wanted to touch Patrick, he'd probably need reconstructive surgery in the future. He klicked on the remote control and closed the TV. His hand blushed under his nose, wiping some blood with the back of his palm
 "Oh, well" he said. "Sciense does wonders, anyway..."

 A/N: Comments always greatly appreciated! Also, I'm thinking about writting a sequel to this one-shot, so your feedback would be very helpful to me! :) I have a very vague idea, as to what it's going to be like, but I know one thing for sure; It's going to be horny too! ;) Thanks to everyone for reading! :)

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